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Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t Heli-Diving Risk Decompression Sickness?
A helicopter’s ability to fly low minimizes risks decompression associated with flying. It also offers spectacular views of the Sister Islands and coastal marine life.

What else is going on in Grand Cayman whilst I am there?

Check out to get a great overview of what’s happening on the island while you’re visiting. Their events listing covers everything from marathons to festivals.

How many people can we fit on a private boat charter?

Six people can fit comfortably on our charter boat (although we have fit eight in a pinch but it’s a bit of a squeeze).

I want to dive, but my family prefers snorkeling. Is this an option?

The great thing about hiring a charter boat is that we can customise your time to your needs. With a variety of dive sites we can find both amazing diving and snorkeling combined.

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